The PBHS PTSA is a group of dedicated

parents, teachers and students

committed to creating an
environment by joining together
to bridge
the gap of communication
and be advocates for our
and teachers.

We also bridge the gap between our school

and the county budget which seems to get
cut more and
more every year.

Teachers and staff are in need of funds to

continue the academic excellence that
our school is well known

That's where our
fundraising comes in.

By becoming a member,you will receive

valuable information regarding school
and college preparation.

Our monthly meetings

are geared toward helping parents stay

informed about what

their students should be doing to get

through high school and

prepare for college.
We have many exciting volunteer

that you can

help out with if you have the time.

Your involvement means

more than you can imagine to your

children, whether they will

admit it or not!
We run many projects throughout the year

to benefit our school

and the education of our children
Some examples are:

Back to school Teacher Breakfast

Membership Drive

Freshman Orientation and Open House


Homecoming Game, Dance

Assist with Jr. & Sr. Prom

Incoming Freshman Registration

Teacher Appreciation Week

Senior Breakfast

Graduation Ceremony Reception

Teacher Grants

Student Scholarships